April 5, 2019

Dropping Knowledge

NC Counts Coalition and Carolina Demography teamed up to release an interactive tool that looks at predicted non-response rates to the 2020 Census by county in North Carolina. The factors impacting non-response rate include minority population, share of population under age 5, foreign-born population, broadband internet access, and hard-to-count housing. Check out your county here.

counts coalition

Food for Thought

Want to know what over 1,000 North Carolinians think about the latest education issues? Check out this week’s Weekly Insight that looks at the results of EdNC’s People’s Session. For two weeks in February, North Carolinians had the chance to share their opinions on various statements related to education in the state and add their own statements. Some interesting nuances emerged. For example, 79% of respondents do not think standardized testing does a good job of evaluating students’ learning but 77% believe some level of testing is necessary.

standardized testing

Check out the rest of the findings here.

Contextual Healing

A recent report from Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education looks at how on-campus job opportunities can be more than just a way to help students financially get through college. The report states, “If designed and operationalized effectively, institutions can use their on-campus student employment program to provide students with meaningful learning and engagement opportunities that can help with retention and build career-readiness skills.”

The report details how institutions can improve on-campus jobs and what it takes to build meaningful employment opportunities for students. Findings include:

  • Support and involvement of senior leadership is crucial
  • Multiple communication channels are necessary to get students information on employment opportunities
  • Supervisors are the linchpin of the student employee experience
  • Institutions should develop shared expectations of what students should be learning
  • Institutions should collect and analyze data on student employment opportunities, something the majority are not doing now

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