March 9, 2018

Need to Know

Next Friday, the Center is introducing an initiative called “AskNC” to help find answers to your questions and to help you understand how North Carolina works and why our state is the way it is. Keep your eyes peeled for our official launch next week!

Dropping Knowledge

Brookings is back this week with another series of heavy-duty reports: the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA). The BPEA consist of six reports tackling automation, joblessness in America’s heartland, mortgage markets, the tax cut, and safety nets for children.

Here are a few graphics highlighting key findings from the reports.

Brookings 3

If you are looking for a lighter read, Brookings also published three short articles that explain the findings for the mortgage reports, addressing joblessness in the heartland, and the automation and safety net reports.

Contextual Healing

In light of International Women’s Day yesterday, news media and think tanks published several pieces surrounding women in the workforce.

Bloomberg’s article “After Five Years of Leaning In, Everything and Nothing Has Changed,” examines how the #MeToo movement and new research show that just telling women to “lean in” greatly underestimates the systematic inequities women face in the workforce.

Cato Institute published a report yesterday titled “The Nordic Glass Ceiling,” which questions the narrative that generous Scandinavian welfare policies like longer maternity leave help women advance in the workplace. The author attributes gender equality in Nordic societies to traditional Nordic culture rather than welfare policies and argues that Nordic welfare policies actually hurt gender equality. While some of the assertions lack evidence beyond simple correlations, the report demonstrates how policies can have unintended consequences.


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