August 9, 2019

Dropping Knowledge

A forthcoming report by the Center for Racial Equity in Education (CREED) finds that students of color trail their white peers in access to educational resources, which directly links to lower achievement. The report provides a comprehensive empirical analysis of the current state of racial equity in North Carolina public schools and was researched and written in part by James Ford, executive director of CREED.

Ford is on contract with the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research from 2017-2020 while he leads this statewide study of equity in our schools. NCCPPR staff are supporting Ford’s leadership of the study, conducted an independent verification of the data, and edited the reports.

The report, E(race)ing Inequities, along with an accompanying historical analysis of race in North Carolina schools, Deep Rooted, will publish Sunday morning on The report reads:

“Without exception, we find that the influence of race functions to diminish both the access and the outcomes of non-Asian students of color.”

Every day for the next three weeks, will be releasing excerpts of the report along with original videos and podcasts on equity in education. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

Need to Know

After 32 years, Governing, the magazine of record for state and local government, will discontinue operations. The company’s statement on the closure reads: “Governing has proven to be unsustainable as a business in today’s media environment. We will cease publication of the monthly print magazine after September, and we will be ramping down our web presence and the rest of our operations over the next few months.”

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