March 23, 2018

The Next Evolution

Our colleagues Alex Granados at EducationNC and Kelly Hinchcliffe at WRAL released a new series this week on Restart schools in North Carolina. Within the last two years, 103 schools have applied for and received Restart status which gives them charter-like flexibility over areas like budget, length of the school day, and teacher licensure.  Check out the three-part series here.

Dropping Knowledge

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality recently released their State of the Union 2018 report. This year’s report looks at gender inequality in 11 domains, from education to health to employment, and concludes with recommendations for reducing gender inequality.

A few trends emerge:

  • The previously declining gender gap in labor earnings has stalled out, with women still earning less than men
  • More women are now graduating college than men, although women are still underrepresented in STEM majors
  • Men are consistently less likely to be poor, a trend that shows no sign of declining

Graphic 2 graphic 3

For Your Consideration

The North Carolina League of Municipalities published a report on Wednesday making recommendations to increase broadband access across North Carolina. The report states that 607,431 rural residents have no access to high-speed internet in North Carolina and makes recommendations for creating public-private partnerships to expand access.


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