December 1, 2017

For Your Consideration

In this week’s Weekly Insight post, we provide highlights from the Danville Regional Foundation’s “Home of Future Thinking” conference.  One of the conference’s presenters, Andy Levine from Development Counsellors International (DCI), referenced an interesting report that DCI published.  It is called Talent Warsand it provides survey data on trends in the way that workers consider jobs. The report is free, though it requires registration, but here are a few interesting findings:

  • 90 percent of workers regularly look at other jobs.  38 percent search a few times per year; 22 percent search monthly; 21 percent search weekly; and 8 percent search daily.
  • In order, the top six factors in considering a new job opportunity are (1) salary, (2) work-life balance, (3) benefits, (4) advancement opportunities, (5) meaningful work, and (6) location.
  • In order, the most important factors in considering whether to relocate for a job are (1) cost of living, (2) housing cost, (3) housing availability, (4) healthcare, (5) opportunities for spouse/partner, (6) climate.

Making News

The details of the net neutrality debate can be a little inaccessible, or even off-putting, for those outside of the tech world. George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr has an accessible piece in the Volokh Conspiracy blog laying out the primary policy issues underlying the debate. It is a good primer for those looking to understand or review the issue.

In the Weeds

The Pew Research Center has a short analysis this week exploring how the U.S. workforce has changed since the Great Recession. Many of these trends are not new, but the piece nicely sums up several research threads and provides updated data.  Here are the five central points:

  1. A smaller share of Americans are in the labor force.
  2. The workforce is getting more diverse.
  3. There is more gray in the workforce.
  4. Unemployed people are out of work for longer.
  5. The shift toward service jobs continues, though more slowly.

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