October 4, 2019

For Your Consideration

The U.S. foreign-born population had the smallest growth in 2017-2018 since the Great Recession, adding just 203,000 people over the year, according to the latest U.S. Census data. Brookings Institute released a report this week exploring that data.

brookings foreign born 2

This slow down is directly a result of a decline in the population of noncitizens. From 2017-18, the noncitizen population declined by 478,000 people while the naturalized citizen population grew by 681,000 people.

The report also looks at where the foreign-born population is settling. As of 2018, North Carolina had 824,177 foreign-born residents comprising roughly 8% of the total population. That number has grown 15% since 2010.

Raleigh and Charlotte also made the list of metro areas with the largest foreign-born populations. The Charlotte metro area has seen its foreign-born population grow 52% since 2010, far exceeding the growth in Raleigh (17.5%).

In the News

If you’ve been following EdNC’s coverage of Juuling, you likely know the challenge states and schools are facing trying to stop kids from smoking e-cigarettes. A few months ago, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, most commonly known by the name Juuls after the largest company that manufactures them.

The Journal of American Medical Association, JAMA, published a good explainer on the pros and cons of wholesale bans of e-cigarettes like San Francisco’s. While the rise in vaping-related illnesses and even deaths is extremely concerning, some are worried a ban on e-cigarettes will push adult smokers back to cigarettes. As cities and states grapple with the best policy solutions, the key will be stopping underage vaping without increasing the number of cigarette smokers.

Need to Know

My wonderful colleague Analisa Sorrells will be taking the reins of Friday@Five next week as I am getting married next Saturday! I’ll be out for two weeks after the wedding, so we are going to pause Friday@Five on October 18th and 25th. I’ll be back in your inbox November 1st.

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