February 9, 2018

Need to Know

The Center is pleased to announce the launch of a three-year statewide study of equity in education. We are partnering with James Ford, 2014-2015 North Carolina Teacher of the Year and principal consultant at Filling the Gap Educational Consultants, to conduct the study. Get to know James and learn more about the study here.

EducationNC’s Liz Bell produced a film series, “Equity Meets Education,” that profiles four leading men of color working on equity issues across the state. Watch the films here and please join us in Charlotte on Monday, February 12, for a film screening and discussion.

Contextual Healing

Brookings and Governing published several interesting articles this week looking at growth, education levels, income levels, and high growth firms in cities and states across the country. North Carolina showed up several times in the lists of top growth, education levels, and, surprisingly, decreasing income inequality. Some highlights include:

  • Several metropolitan areas in North Carolina experienced high job growth in 2017, with Raleigh at 3 percent, Charlotte at 2.5 percent, Wilmington at 2.8 percent, and Durham-Chapel Hill at 2.5 percent
  • Raleigh is in the top 10 metros for percent of college graduates among millennials aged 25-34 at 47 percent
  • Household income inequality declined in Charlotte from 2014 to 2016
  • Raleigh and Durham made the list of top 25 metros for high-growth company density from 2011-2017


metro growth 2

For Your Consideration

The Aspen Institute’s Justice and Society Program released a new report this week, Pluralism in Peril: Challenges To An American IdealWhile the 169-page report may seem daunting at first, it is broken into a series of essays — some data-driven, some personal —exploring a range of topics on the theme of maintaining religious pluralism in our polarized society. The Aspen Institute describes the report best:

“Pluralism in Peril offers guidance to community and interfaith leaders, youth-serving organizations, philanthropists, and state and local officials on specific action steps to build a more resilient, trust-based environment that fully incorporates American religious minorities.”

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