October 5, 2018

For Your Consideration

The nonprofit news sector is growing, according to a new report released on Tuesday from the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) titled, “INN Index 2018: The state of nonprofit news.” INN is calling the report, “the most comprehensive [study] to date of the nonprofit news media sector.” Here are some of the key findings:

  • Nonprofit news organizations are about evenly split between a focus on state, local, and national issues
  • Single-subject nonprofit news organizations are growing; about a third focus on a single issue such as education, health, the environment, or justice
  • The field is much more secure financially than in previous years; in FY 2017, more than half of the organizations generated over $500,000 in revenue with a third generating $1 million or more

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The Other 49

The 74 Million recently published a comprehensive series on the San Antonio school district’s attempt to integrate schools by income that is well worth your time. The series explores how a new superintendent, Pedro Martinez, mapped neighborhoods by income and used that as a basis to open new “schools of choice” that reserved seats for students from more affluent neighborhoods alongside students from poorer neighborhoods. The report says:

“Only a few years into the experiment, the effort has reshaped the educational landscape and redefined the aspirations of its students and educators.”

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Food for Thought

A new survey of Uber drivers across the country ranked North Carolina as the worst-earning state and the Raleigh/Durham area as the second worst-earning city in the country. In North Carolina and the Raleigh/Durham area, drivers reported making an average of $6.62 per hour, less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 and significantly less than cities like New York, Boston, and Seattle where drivers earn over $20 an hour.


Significantly, half of the respondents to the survey nationally stated that driving for Uber is their only job. The rise in gig work, like driving for Uber, has implications for policymakers as these jobs often do not provide benefits or health insurance.

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