October 27, 2017

Dropping Knowledge

The Pew Research Center released its semi-regular political typology report this week. The report breaks down a more nuanced classification system than the often used “strong Republican”, “leans Republican” system. You can glean the highlights in a few minutes or jump in for a deeper dive.

The 2017 political typology: Anchored by Core Conservatives, Solid Liberals

Food for Thought

The Stanford Social Innovation Review had several compelling articles this week.

The Next Evolution

Pricenomics has crunched Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Toxic Release Inventory and built the sobering map below.  North Carolina releases the 17th most toxins.

2017 10 26 toxins

Making News

With President Trump’s recent declaration about opioids and the high level of attention state policymakers are giving the issue, it is easy to feel inundated with information on the subject. That said, there were several policy articles/perspective pieces this week that provide distinctive context for the issue.

  • STAT provides a perspective from a doctor who tried to balance the moral dilemma between managing pain and reducing opioid use.
  • The Conversation publishes six infographics by the Brandeis University Opioid Policy Center director that well-frame the issue.
  • The Cut explains how the public health issue is changing faster than policy solutions can stick.

  • Could Video Gamers Make Our Food Supply Safer?

    Smithsonian | 10/25/2017

  • When Quality Education Becomes a Matter of National Security

    Real Clear Education | 10/25/2017

  • The ins and outs of EVAAS

    EdNC | 10/25/2017

  • Average Americans Are Giving Away Less Money and It’s a Big Problem

    Fast Company | 10/24/2017

  • Top Charter Networks Worth the Disruption, Set High Accountability Bar for All Public Schools

    The 74 | 10/24/2017

  • What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About Our Digital Future

    Wired | 10/21/2017

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