December 22, 2017

Food for Thought

Bloomberg has a piece this week evaluating why American teenagers are working less. Based on data showing that teens are working less, the article looks at a variety of reasons and focuses on one culprit: increased academic demands in high school.  It is a quick read.  Here are two key charts that frame the discussion.

Brookings teenagers

Brookings teenagers2

In the Weeds

Earlier this year, our colleagues at EdNC did a deep dive on principals in North Carolina. The Rand Corporation has released a policy report focused on the pipeline for principal development,  including a framework for evaluating how school districts can implement and evaluate these types of programs.

For Your Consideration

The Urban Institute released a data set last week mapping debt in America. Like many of the Institute’s interactive tools, it allows federal, state and county level mapping and is easy to navigate.  The tool charts several key data sets, including share of people with any debt, median debt in collections, share with medical debt, and share without health insurance.

Need to Know

Friday@5 will be taking next week off. It has been great sharing policy information with you this year. We look forward to continuing and improving in 2018.  Happy Holidays!


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