November 9, 2018

Dropping Knowledge

A Brookings Institute report published recently looks at “pathways to high quality jobs for young adults.” The authors identified the following factors associated with higher-quality jobs for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • Postsecondary education: the authors find that having an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree is the highest predictor of a high-quality job for disadvantaged young adults
  • Work-based learning: internships, apprenticeships, cooperative education, and mentoring in high school all are associated with a higher-quality job later in life
  • Earlier experiences in the labor market: having a job at a younger age is associated with having a higher-quality job as a young adult

Based on these findings, the authors list a set of recommendations, including expanding work-based learning experiences in high school. Read the rest here.

The Other 49

Take a look at interesting things happening in other states, including:

The Next Evolution

EducationNC has partnered with ncIMPACT at UNC’s School of Government to highlight 10 bright spots, or innovative programs across the state, that are accelerating attainment. On Tuesday, EdNC’s Nation Hahn joined ncIMPACT’s Anita Brown-Graham for a webinar on the series, which you can watch hereRead the briefs on each program from ncIMPACT here, and watch the video profiles from EdNC here as they roll out this week and next.


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