February 8, 2019

The Next Evolution

The National Center for Education Statistics released a new brief this week stating that roughly one in three students from the 2009 ninth grade cohort took postsecondary courses while in high school. The groups with the highest shares of students taking postsecondary courses in high school are white, Asian, and those whose parents are more educated. The vast majority of these students are taking these courses at their high school, not at a college or university.


A New Slant

North Carolina Health News’ Taylor Knopf has been in Switzerland and France reporting on how they have lowered drug overdose deaths. They have used some unconventional methods, and it’s worth spending some time reading through her articles and learning what’s worked across the pond.

For Your Consideration

Harvard Business Review published an interesting article about “time poverty,” or the feeling of not having enough time to do what you’d like each day. According to the article, 80 percent of Americans suffer from time poverty and the effects are severe:

“Research shows that those who feel time-poor experience lower levels of happiness and higher levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. They experience less joy. They laugh less. They exercise less and are less healthy. Their productivity at work is diminished. They are more likely to get divorced.”

The interesting part is that Americans actually have more leisure time now than ever before, so why does everyone feel like they don’t? The article argues the reason is money. People feel the need to work more in order to make more money, thinking it will make them happier. It’s an interesting read and explains the psychological factors and policies that contribute to the problem.

Need to Know: Announcing the People’s Session

Lots of folks come to Raleigh when the legislature is in session with an agenda. Legislators. Lobbyists. Advocacy groups. We want to understand your agenda for education in North Carolina. The issues that keep you up at night. Issues that leave you everything from angry to hopeful. We believe the future doesn’t just happen to us. We believe your voice can shape the direction of our state. Join us.

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