November 30, 2018

The Next Evolution

Quartz continues its “What Happens Next” series with a look at the future of college. In four articles, Quartz explores how college will change over the coming decades with the influence of AI and the rapid pace of technological change. One interesting quote that echoes what I’ve heard from many community college leaders is from Anant Agarwal: “Instead of graduating with a single degree from one university, you will design your own personalized degree.”

Read the whole series here.

Dropping Knowledge

Brookings Institute released a powerful new report this week looking at the devaluation of homes in neighborhoods where the majority of the population is black. The researchers find a strong statistical relationship between the property valuation of a neighborhood and share of the population that is black that they argue cannot be explained by other factors. On average, owner-occupied homes in majority black neighborhoods are undervalued by $48,000 per home, which adds up to $156 billion across the country.

home values

The authors state the importance of their findings: “The undervaluation of housing in black neighborhoods has important social implications. Black homeowners realize lower wealth accumulation, which makes it more difficult to start and invest in businesses and afford college tuition.”

Stay Tuned

In the next two weeks, EducationNC will have two series coming out with direct policy implications. One is about the Residency Determination System used by community colleges and four-year institutions in North Carolina to determine who is eligible for in-state tuition. The other series is an in-depth look at e-cigarette use in schools.

In Case You Missed It

This week, Education Week and EducationNC published EdNC Senior Reporter Alex Granados’ look at migrant education. Alex is Education Week’s inaugural recipient of the Gregory M. Chronister Fellowship for his work on migrant education. For a look at how the federal migrant education program started, start here. Then, read his article, “An inside look: Schooling migrant families.”


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