May 31, 2019

The Other 49

Colorado is trying a new approach to deal with the rural teacher shortage that involves a four-year university partnering with a local community college. University of Colorado Denver is partnering with Otero Junior College to offer a high quality educator preparation program for students in Otero County with an associate degree. Students take some classes online, use online software to join classes at University of Colorado, and take others at the community college. The last year is a year-long teacher residency.

“We believe that people who are from a rural community are more likely to stay and teach and lead across an entire career,” said Barbara Seidl, associate dean for teacher education and undergraduate experiences at CU Denver in a Chalkbeat article about the program. Read more here.

For Your Consideration

It probably comes as no surprise, but eating highly processed foods is bad for you. A new study from the National Institute of Health looked at the impact of eating a diet of ultra-processed foods compared to unprocessed foods in 20 adults. Participants were randomized into two groups and spent two weeks eating a diet of ultra-processed or unprocessed foods followed by two weeks on the alternate diet. The results: participants on the ultra-processed diet ate about 500 more calories per day and gained two pounds over the two weeks compared to the unprocessed diet.

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The authors conclude, “Limiting consumption of ultra-processed foods may be an effective strategy for obesity prevention and treatment.”

How are we doing?

Thank you to one of our Friday@Five readers, Elizabeth, who responded to my question a few weeks ago asking why you read Friday@Five. She said:

Friday@Five seemed to be a great way to get a feel for the education discussion happening around NC as well as the research that is taking place there. Also I appreciate that it keeps me up-to-date on recent publications focused on education beyond NC as well.”

Why do you read Friday@Five? How can we improve? Send your thoughts and feedback by replying directly to this email or emailing [email protected]. Thank you!

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