January 20, 2017

In the Weeds

The International City/County Managers Association has published a useful guide to infrastructure financing.  The white paper provides an easy-to-read framework for classifying different financing mechanisms.  It includes national data on project costs and provides a concise overview of the various tools governments use to pay for projects.  It’s a solid resource piece for anyone wanting a bearing in a dense area of public policy.

Food for Thought

 “The faint outlines of a new ecosystem for connecting employment and education are becoming discernible. Employers are putting greater emphasis on adaptability, curiosity and learning as desirable attributes for employees. They are working with universities and alternative providers to create and improve their own supply of talent. Shorter courses, lower costs and online delivery are making it easier for people to combine work and training. New credentials are being created to signal skills.” — The elephant in the truck: Retraining low-skilled workers, The Economist

The Economist recently ran a special report on Lifelong Educationwhich laid out the challenges of reeducating the workforce.  It noted that employees often do not understand how their industries are changing until it is too late to effectively react.  Singapore has created a SkillsFuture initiative that works with employers to create “industry transformation maps.”  These maps help employees understand how their current employment sector is evolving and how they might develop skills that will match industry requirements.

Need to Know

The N.C. General Assembly will reconvene on Wednesday, January 25 at noon.

An event, “Restoring Democracy in NC: The Case for Nonpartisan Redistricting,” will be held on Thursday, January 26 at 6pm in Greensboro.

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