E(race)ing Inequities

The Center for Racial Equity in Education (CREED) works to close opportunity gaps for all children in P-20 education, especially children of color, with the vision that one day race will no longer be the primary predictor of educational outcomes. To advance this mission, CREED conducts evidence-based research; builds coalitions of school leaders, educators, parents, policymakers, and community members who have a shared agenda of creating equitable school systems; and supports schools and educators with technical assistance and training designed to improve educational outcomes for students of color.

CREED will transform the education system so lives and experiences of students of color are central to how schools function, using a panoramic lens that runs the entire gamut of the research-to-practice continuum. Our work is centered on three primary activities:Research, Engagement,and Implementation. Our research and thought-leadership inform our engagement and implementation, just as the engagement strategy informs our research and implementation. Whereas racial equity may be one of many focus areas for some organizations, a stand-alone entity is required to give these issues the energy and attention they deserve. CREED exists for this express purpose. Our work employs an intentionally multi-racial understanding of educational justice and is inspired by a belief in Radical Imagination — “the ability to and work towards better futures based on an analysis of the root cause of social problems.” We believe that another way is possible and worth pursuing.

To this end, we believe if we center students of color, inspire institutional change, and facilitate better educational practice, we can transform the education system so the lives and experiences of students of color are central to how schools function.